Comments posted by past (passed!) students

Harry - St.John's
Harry – St.John’s

[Passed at first attempt]





Ruadhri - Warndon
Ruadhri – Warndon

“Learning with Glyn was an enjoyable and relaxed experience in learning to drive. The course takes you through each component of driving in depth to help you understand the road properly. Would 100% recommend to anyone wanting to pass their driving test.”


Harvey - Bromsgrove
Harvey – Bromsgrove






Dominic - Salwarpe
Dominic – Salwarpe

[First attempt!]





Izzy - Stourbridge
Izzy – Stourbridge

“Glyn has been a fantastic instructor from start to end. To begin with I was the most nervous driver but with Glyn’s lesson they have taught me how to drive confidently and safely. Giving me some control of my own lessons to make sure I am moving at a pace that is comfortable for me. He has given me the confidence and skills to drive independently, he has consistently supported me even when I was struggling. I’m so grateful to have been taught by Glyn as he has been so supportive of me and has taught me to be a safe and confident driver.”

Hennie - Worcester
Hennie – Worcester

[Passed at first attempt]




Max - Bewdley
Max – Bewdley

[Passed at First Attempt] “Over the summer I have really enjoyed the driving training. I could not have asked for a better experience. I feel as if I can comfortably drive on my own thanks to your [Glyn’s] patience and ability to teach. I found having the driving skills book was a great way of tracking my progress as well as a great revision tool. I cannot think of any improvement in the training as I feel it was perfectly suited for me. I will certainly be recommending you to other friends who would suit your training style.”

Will - Uphampton
Will – Uphampton

[Passed at First Attempt – just 1 driving fault] “Glyn was really helpful teaching me how to drive, he went through the process in a very methodical way and making sure I understood each section before moving on to the next. The workbook is very handy as it helps to plan out your lessons and explains in detail about the driving skills necessary and helps with the show me questions required for the test. Thank you so much!”

George - Knightwick
George – Knightwick

[Just 4 driving faults]





Henry - Crossway Green
Henry – Crossway Green

[Passed at 1st Attempt] “Glyn is an excellent instructor, very patient with my driving and my questions. He teaches the course well in an easy-to-understand approach. The LDC book that he uses is very handy as you have a checklist within it along with easy-to-read diagrams for each scenario, as well as space for your own notes. I have already recommended him to my own friends. Thanks!”

Edward - Salwarpe
Edward – Salwarpe

[Passed at first attempt]




Florence - Droitwich Spa
Florence – Droitwich Spa

[Passed at 1st Attempt] “Thank you so much for being such a massive help with my process of learning to drive. Glyn is a very understanding instructor and teaches in a clear way with great explanations. He’s patient and teaches at the pace of each student. He shows great enthusiasm and showed his confidence in me throughout even when I doubted myself. Having previously struggled with the process of driving, Glyn helped create a structured and sequential way of remembering all aspects. He taught me to enjoy and have fun when driving but also to be very safe and aware.”

Rob - Droitwich
Rob – Droitwich

[Passed at First Attempt – just 2 faults!] “An excellent instructor with outstanding knowledge and awareness, Glyn not only taught me how to drive, but how to enjoy it too. The semi-intensive course was a good fit for me to learn during Y13 before my A-levels. Lessons were clearly structured and I didn’t feel any time was wasted. Thank you Glyn!”

Jacob - Bewdley

Jacob – Bewdley

Sam - Salwarpe
Sam – Salwarpe

[Passed at first attempt with Glyn]




Oliver - Martin Hussingtree
Oliver – Martin Hussingtree

[Passed first time“I can’t thank Glyn enough for everything he’s done to support me through my driving lessons, very thorough teaching and makes sure you understand everything you need to know as and when you need to. Patient instructor with a lot of knowledge! Lenient also with times of lessons/courses available, I would recommend Glyn to anybody struggling to pass or learning from a fresh! Thank you again!”

Will - Hadley, Droitwich
Will – Hadley, Droitwich

[First attempt, just 2 faults!] “Glyn has been a patient and friendly instructor which helped me get the best out of our lessons as it allowed me to stay calm and relaxed. Glyn has also been able to increase my confidence to be able to safely drive. Tailoring the lessons to suit me and at my pace. His feedback was helpful and useful and I highly recommend Glyn as a driving instructor.”


Amelia - Wychbold
Amelia – Wychbold

[Passed at first attempt] Learning with Glyn was a great experience, which progressed my learning and driving quickly to a high level. His knowledge is comprehensive and the resources he brings to lessons are helpful for many types of learning.

I felt confident learning new skills and even when I made mistakes there was a good amount of support to get me back on track and developing my confidence.”

Lauren - Bromsgrove
Lauren – Bromsgrove

[Just four driving faults] “I’d like to thank Glyn for being so unbelievably helpful throughout my learning experience, especially with the struggles of covid 19. He helped massively to build my confidence up as he’s patient and very encouraging.
Thanks Glyn!!”

Connor - Ombersley
Connor – Ombersley

[Passed first attempt – 1 fault]
“Passed first time in such a short time! Glyn understood I was eager to pass before returning to college, so I was able to progress at my own pace, he adapted really well to my speed of learning. Lessons were comfortable, relaxed and fun! Glyn provided very clear instructions and is a fantastic teacher.”

Maddie - Ladywood, Droitwich
Maddie – Ladywood, Droitwich

“I want to thank Glyn for helping me to pass my driving test. I enjoyed my driving lessons with Glyn and felt I wasn’t just learning to pass the test I was learning to drive for life. He made me feel safe and comfortable while learning. I would highly recommend him.”


Fred - Worcester
Fred – Worcester

“Glyn was calm and friendly which made learning that much easier. Once we got started I was really happy the way he dealt with my lessons, focusing on the parts of my driving that needed help and not following the course by heart this made the lessons feel specific to me. He was very supportive and I always felt safe and comfortable in the car with him.”

Nathan - Droitwich Spa
Nathan – Droitwich Spa

[Passed first time]
“I did a semi-intensive course with Glyn, he not only taught me what I would need to pass the test, he also taught me how to drive and I passed first time. Glyn’s feedback was always detailed and helpful. Highly recommend Glyn as a driving instructor.”

Charlie - Crossway Green
Charlie – Crossway Green

[Passed first time!]
“From the onset Glyn was a very patient and helpful driving instructor which allowed me to quickly pick up the skill of driving. Glyn is a very friendly driving instructor, patient and has been very flexible and going out of his way to facilitate my learning.
With Glyn’s support and guidance I managed to pass my test first time and I will certainly be recommending Glyn to my friends and family.”

Amabel - Stoke Prior
Amabel – Stoke Prior

[Passed first time! – just 2 driving faults]
“I would highly recommend Glyn as a driving instructor, not only did he teach me how to pass my test but he taught me how to drive in every day life. I was very nervous when I first started but he made me feel at ease and ensured I was confident and ready before my test. He was extremely patient and the feedback I received at the end of each lesson was very valuable.”

George - Droitwich Spa
George – Droitwich Spa

[Passed at first attempt! – just 3 driving faults.]




Olly - Holt Heath
Olly – Holt Heath

[Just one driving fault!]
“Driving with Glyn has been a roller coaster! I started, completely oblivious to most aspects of driving. Being thrown into the deep end was slightly unnerving at the start, but as I saw the wisdom behind Glyn’s teachings I started to look further ahead and drive ‘with my eyes’ as opposed to my hands! Trusting the process has resulted in a a great result.”

Charlie - Martin Hussingtree
Charlie – Martin Hussingtree

Glyn was a very patient and able driving instructor. He had a personal investment in me passing my driving test, and spent a lot of time and effort making this happen. He was thorough and encouraging throughout and I am delighted to have passed my test.”


Jake - Hanbury
Jake – Hanbury

“I enjoyed my driving course. Even though it was interrupted for a while by me breaking my wrist. The Driving Skills Workbook was a great help”



Stewart - Burcot
Stewart – Burcot

“Glyn is a great driving instructor, he was very patient, knowledgeable and had a great sense of humour. When my confidence was knocked, he quickly amended it and helped me work on my weaknesses.”


Francisco - Redditch
Francisco – Redditch

“Glyn is a very experienced and patient instructor. He knows everything about the test and shares the best driving practices. I highly recommend him.”



Sam - Warndon
Sam – Warndon

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Glyn, he has helped me to pass my driving test first time. From the first time we met to discuss how we would approach my lessons to the day of my test he made me feel at ease. His teaching style is relaxed and patient which helped me gain confidence in my skills. The course has a great structure and the feedback sessions at the end of each lesson gave me a great insight. I would say that I’m a very impatient driver as I’ve been riding Superbikes for the last 10 years, but Glyn helped me to slow myself down and focus, making me a better driver as a whole. The course materials are very good and really did help throughout the months that I was learning.”

Louis - Bromsgrove
Louis – Bromsgrove





James - Kidderminster
James – Kidderminster

[First time pass] “I’d like to thank Glyn for helping me pass my driving test. The course focuses on making you a positive but safe driver due to the well structured lessons that are tailored to your personal weaknesses. At the start of each lesson Glyn would ask which particular aspect would I like to work on in that lesson, this is vital as it allows you to personalise your learning and really focus on the parts that you feel less confident in. Also at the end of each lesson Glyn would ask for feedback on how I think I performed in the lesson, which again is very helpful for a learning driver as it forces you to self reflect, so you can identify mistakes and prevent them from happening again. At the start of the course I was fairly impatient at junctions however Glyn was able to  iron out this issue. As an instructor Glyn was reliable and makes you feel at ease as soon as you step in the car for the first time.”

Chris - Worcester
Chris – Worcester

[First time pass]




Sam - Hanbury
Sam – Hanbury

[First time pass] “I really enjoyed my driving lessons with Glyn. I felt that he was patient with me and didn’t rush however progressed quickly onto the next topic if I felt confident in that area. He also asked me how I felt I had done rather than telling me. I believe this form of self assessment is very beneficial and is key when looking at areas for improvement. His use of humour also enabled me to remember key elements when driving, for example “stale green lights, they’re about to go off”. I would strongly recommend him to others.”

Ellie - Bromsgrove
Ellie – Bromsgrove

[First time pass – with Glyn] “I had started learning to drive with another instructor but delayed the process due to going to university. I later transferred to Glyn as he was highly recommended by some friends of mine. He was an amazing instructor, teaching me to become a safe and confident driver. He was very patient and calm with me as I adjusted to the new car and a new instructor. He taught me the details of driving which made me much more confident and lead me to pass my test. I am now over the moon and I can’t thank him enough!”

Sophie - Drakes Broughton
Sophie – Drakes Broughton





Joe - Worcester
Joe – Worcester

[Parents comment] “He’s really enjoying driving, I’m so impressed with how you have taught him.
When we’re in the car with him we can really see how the underpinning knowledge you gave and continual assessment throughout the programme, has produced a sensible young driver
He was the first in his year group to pass. Can’t
thank you enough.”

Rob - Kidderminster
Rob – Kidderminster

“I would like to thank Glyn Williams for helping me to pass my driving test. At first I was rather nervous behind the wheel however Glyn’s calming influence and witty humour soon put me at ease. Glyn’s lessons were always very well structured and tailored to ensure I was always processing however never out of my depth. The LDC handbook Glyn provided meant that learning could occur not only during lessons but also at home.
Before starting with Glyn I had a few bad habits and a fear of roundabouts. However throughout the course these bad habits were ironed out whilst my confidence on the road grew. As an instructor Glyn was always very informative and very reliable.
Thanks again Glyn”

Will - Droitwich Spa
Will – Droitwich Spa

Passed at first attempt




Holly - Martley, Worcestershire
Holly – Martley, Worcestershire

“Firstly, thanks so much to Glyn for helping me to pass my test first time! He’s a great driving instructor, he helped me break bad habits that I picked up in the early stages of driving, he’s got good methods of explaining all aspects of the driving course, he helped me overcome my fear of hill starts, and most importantly he’s a very thorough instructor – which is certainly what you want from a driving instructor.
The semi-intensive course was such a good choice as well, it meant that I could pass my test quickly and reach my goal of passing my test before I go to university.
I’m glad I chose this course, and more specifically that I chose Glyn to be my instructor – I believe I am now a fully competent driver, and that’s all thanks to Glyn.”

Sam - Malvern
Sam – Malvern

“Big thank you to Glyn for helping me pass on my first attempt! Glyn is a great character for anyone learning to drive, being calm, collected and nurturing self-confidence in driving. Although only taking 19 hours of lessons in a short period of time (Mid-Way course), Glyn was always well prepared and able to focus on an area of driving every lesson. This would directly relate to testing procedures and the LDC workbook. Each lesson was carefully constructed around my driving ability to suit my needs, furthermore, all of my questions were answered in great detail. I learnt in Glyn’s Skoda which also deserves a mention second only to the instructor, the car is fantastic for learner drivers.”

George - Powick
George – Powick

Glyn always came with a positive attitude to the lessons and constantly encouraged. His ability to adapt his teaching methods to the driver was amazing and has made me a confident driver. It was well worth the money and time.”


Siobhan - Upton-on-Severn
Siobhan – Upton-on-Severn

“I would recommend Glyn to anyone looking at learning to drive as he is knowledgeable, patient and motivational. Glyn taught me not only how to pass the driving test but also how to be safe driver beyond the test. As an anxious driver Glyn was very supportive and put me at ease during lessons to improve my confidence for the test. The LDC system is also really useful alongside Glyn’s explanations so I got a good idea of not just how but why I was doing things.”

Charlotte - Droitwich Spa
Charlotte – Droitwich Spa

Passed at first Attempt




Macaulay - St. John's, Worcester
Macaulay – St. John’s, Worcester

“I really enjoyed my lessons with Glyn! We discussed how I wanted to go about learning to drive in a free home visit, and he was really helpful and accommodating of my busy schedule, suggesting the mid-way pass course which suited me best. I learnt a lot from his vast experience driving and the LDC workbook supplemented what we had worked on whilst driving. It was great that Glyn allowed me to have an input into what areas we focused on each lesson, which gave me a sense of responsibility for my learning. Glyn was very calm, encouraging and added so much to my previous knowledge, and I definitely learnt a lot from his quirky anecdotes and driving analogies! Thank you so much for helping me pass first time, exactly what I wanted to achieve. I would definitely recommend Glyn to anyone looking to learn to drive, not only to pass their test, but to set them up for a lifetime of safe and happy driving”

Katie - Claines, Worcester
Katie – Claines, Worcester

“The driving lessons that I experienced with Glyn were extremely beneficial as I not only learned the basics to pass the practical test, but I also learned more in-depth information that would help me deal with many situations that could happen on the roads. I thoroughly enjoyed the lessons, and the duration of an hour and a half was ideal to learn enough within the lesson and to have enough time for plenty of practice to master the topic you are focusing on. Furthermore I found that Glyn’s method of teaching is very beneficial as he focuses on what you want to practice and takes your own thoughts into consideration and will guide you to make sure that all areas are mastered. Lastly, I lacked confidence and Glyn definitely gave me a huge boost in confidence which enabled me to be relaxed in the test.”

Jamie – Warndon

“Thank you so much for helping me pass my test with only 4 minors, did better than my brother. I really appreciate building up my confidence in doing the test since that was where I struggled the most. You’re an all-round great teacher and I would recommend you to anyone. Thank you and I will be seeing you one the road.”


Sam - Blackwell, Bromsgrove
Sam – Blackwell, Bromsgrove

“I found Glyn to be highly motivated to give me the best chance of not only passing my test, but also to become an overall safe and competent driver. He shows great attention to detail and he uses his vast driving experience to help you deal any unfamiliar driving situation. I always felt like I was in safe hands when I was learning with Glyn and I am thrilled to have passed my driving test. Thank you, Sam”

Jamie - Ombersley
Jamie – Ombersley

“Glyn was a great driving instructor, and made the learning process easier than I had imagined. I also appreciated how the learning process was not just about the test requirements but also on how one would drive in a day to day manner. I would recommend Glyn to any of my friends wishing to find a driving instructor”.


Hannah - Low Habberley, Kidderminster
Hannah – Low Habberley, Kidderminster

“Glyn is a fantastic driving instructor, he gave me so much confidence and was always calm, encouraging and patient through out the entire course.

I enjoyed all lessons especially because at the end of every session I walked away satisfied that I had learnt to become a better driver than the one before it.

Thank you so much for helping me pass my test and I would highly recommend Glyn to anyone wanting to learn how to drive.”

George - Droitwich Spa
George – Droitwich Spa

Passed at first attempt!




Amy - Bromsgrove
Amy – Bromsgrove

“After having lessons from a different instructor and getting no where for over 3 months I decided to change instructors and go for a more intensive driving course.

I came across Glyn’s details and contacted him and from initial contact, Glyn had me back on the road within a couple of weeks.
I have been having 2 lessons a week for 2 hours at a time. Glyn gave me the confidence to believe I actually could pass my test.

Although we have had some challenging lessons, I would not hesitate to recommend Glyn to my friends. I have now passed my test and I have Glyn’s time, patience and instructions to thank for that.”

'Izzy' - Martin Hussingtree
‘Izzy’ – Martin Hussingtree

“The course was great – I wanted to pass really quickly so I could be driving by September and it (and Glyn) made it possible. I loved how thorough it was going through every stage and not teaching you to pass a test but to actually drive.

Glyn was really good and helped me to get rid of little bad habits as soon as they occurred. Now I feel like I am a competent driver and have a good technique for the future.

I also achieved my goal of passing first time – and at the beginning of September!”

Amber - Fernhill Heath
Amber – Fernhill Heath

“Great instructor! I looked forward to every lesson. Thank you so much for all your help. Very patient and made me feel confident in my ability to drive. I would definitely recommend Glyn to anyone who wishes to learn to drive.” [Passed first time]


Laurence - Wychbold
Laurence – Wychbold

“Having trained with other instructors before, it became clear to me that Glyn’s was able to focus on the problems holding my driving back and providing targeted instruction.

Glyn’s considered and patient – yet encouraging – approach was instrumental for helping me address the issues that had been permanently stopping my ability to advance to a test ready stage. I have no doubt that with other instructors such issues would have persisted, and on test day block my chances of passing.

Glyn has been invaluable and I would wholly recommend him to anyone, especially those who have tried with other instructors in the past to no avail.”

Owain - Defford, Pershore
Owain – Defford, Pershore

“I was very happy with the quality of lessons I received from Glyn, he is a very thoughtful teacher and I felt like I learnt more than I could handle which was a great thing. I would definitely recommend Glyn to anyone looking to pass first time as I did.”


William - Cutnall Green
William – Cutnall Green

“I was looking to pass my driving test in as little time as possible that’s when I came across Glyn’s semi intensive courses. I discussed the course with Glyn and we came to the conclusion that 28hr of lessons would be sufficient and true to his word, after 28hr of lessons I had passed my practical test first time.

He has a great way of tracking your progress to identify the areas needing improvement. He makes the lessons fun and also comes up with his own quirky ways of you remembering things that I still remember now.

Overall I strongly recommend Glyn’s semi-intensive course for anyone that is looking to pass quickly.”

Olivia - Staunton, Kidderminster
Olivia – Staunton, Kidderminster

“From the very first lesson that I had with Glyn he made sure that each individual lesson entailed areas that I wanted to cover or areas that I felt less comfortable approaching.

He was aware of how I was able to learn best and how to explain things in a way that helped me to understand. I started my lessons with little confidence in my ability to drive, however, during my lessons Glyn had helped me to build my confidence and create an atmosphere that helped me to relax and learn.

He is honest and comforting but firm with his critiques and always has a joke to make you laugh in a stressful situation. I have really enjoyed learning how to drive with Glyn as he always helped me to smile and laugh when I found myself losing confidence or becoming stressed by a situation that I had to approach. I’ve enjoyed Glyn’s jokes so much that I have now booked the pass plus course!”

Jessika - Ombersley
Jessika – Ombersley

“Hi Glyn, I would like to thank you for helping me pass my driving test! (with only 3 minors, first attempt).

Glyn is a very patient, calm and friendly driving instructor and his methods of driving have taught me to be a better and safer driver.

The LDC driving handbook was very helpful: I could see what I needed help with and we could tick them off each lesson. I had a few lessons before Glyn and I wasn’t very confident behind the wheel but after a few lessons with Glyn he helped me gain my confidence back. Thank you again.”

Ali - Rushock
Ali – Rushock

“Glyn as a great help to me, especially when first starting the lessons. He put me at ease with his very thorough instructions and was always calm in tenser situations on the road. This really helped boost my confidence that I needed when driving and I could not have had a better instructor.

Glyn is a great instructor and I would recommend him to anyone that wants to start learning to drive!”

Charlie - Malvern Wells
Charlie – Malvern Wells

“Thank you very much, the course not only helped me pass my test but also ensured that I was really ready to drive on my own. Glyn was flexible in his approach and tailored the course to my needs. Once again thank you very much.”



Matt – Kidderminster

“I have just passed my driving test thanks to Glyn’s calm and patient methods of teaching. I felt that the lessons were really well planned out. Using the LDC system, we crossing off learning steps as we went along which really helped me focus on parts that I perhaps struggled with.

Glyn was a really nice guy and we had a good laugh on our tours around Worcester. Thanks again Glyn.”

Niahm - Warndon
Niahm – Warndon

“I have just passed my driving test thanks to the focused and clear instruction from Glyn. The beauty of learning with Glyn is that he teaches you to be a safe and considerate motorist, not simply to pass a test. As a result, I am a more confident and alert driver because of Glyn’s tuition.

Glyn also taught my brother to drive and I would definitely recommend him to my friends who want to learn to drive.”


Josh - Worcester
Josh – Worcester

[Passed first time] “I really enjoyed my lessons with Glyn. He was calm and well informed and I felt very safe, whilst being challenged to make progress with every lesson in a way that built up my confidence ready for the test and for driving afterwards.

He listened very well to anything I wanted more help on and was open to going over things I wanted more support with. But he always knew what we needed to move forward and be as efficient as possible with the time we had. Overall a great experience and I’d thoroughly recommend him to friends.”

Liam - Fernhill Heath
Liam – Fernhill Heath

“Just recently passed my test, pleased with Glyn’s calm patient approach. It helped greatly with my nerves especially on test day!”



Josh - Hanbury
Josh – Hanbury

“I found Glyn a humerous instructor who made learning to drive fun. I felt very confident and was thrilled to pass first time. The Driving Skills Workbook and DVD was very helpful to apply the theory to practice. I would highly recommend Glyn”.

[Parents comment] “I was very confident in Glyn’s ability to teach Josh safely and thoroughly, but also to prepare him for a life ahead on very busy road independantly and  with confidence. As parents this was the best thing that Glyn could do for us.

Josh also had a 2 hr motorway driving lesson with Glyn after passing his test which will stand him in good stead. We would highly recommend him”.


Ben - Holt Heath
Ben – Holt Heath

I passed my driving test first time thanks to Glyn Williams and LDC. It only took 4 months to prepare for the test thanks to the structured and well prepared course. The LDC book and DVD were extremely useful for reading up on future topics which helped a load.

Glyn obviously loves what he does, is always cheery and enthusiastic and it really shows in his lessons. You can’t forget his reliable Skoda which put up with me dumping the clutch many times. Thank you Glyn, and I will miss my lessons with you.”

Emily – Droitwich Spa

“Learning to drive did not come naturally to me, but learning with Glyn helped me overcome my apprehension and has led to me enjoying driving!

Glyn is a calm, confident and encouraging instructor who gives very specific and constructive advice to enable you to improve. He encourages you to take a very proactive role as a student, particularly by using the LDC book to reflect upon lessons and identify areas for improvement.

Glyn really believes in his students, is extremely supportive when the going gets tough and would never give up on anyone! I would recommend Glyn to any prospective driving student, as he prepares you thoroughly for your test with a smile and a joke along the way.”

Georgie - Blackwell
Georgie – Blackwell

“Glyn was a great instructor he put me at ease when I was nervous. He taught me to drive not just pass my test. Looking forward to having a motorway driving lesson with Glyn next.
Thanks Glyn”



Joe - Blackwell
Joe – Blackwell

“After passing my driving test today with just three minors, I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Glyn. Not only did he help me pass my test today, but with his thorough method I believe he has taught me to become a better and safer driver.

One of his best attributes is the personal approach he took with me. He had the patience to let me know what I was doing wrong, without overwhelming me with information. He is professional & precise adapting lessons to suit your needs.”

Grace - Fernhill Heath
Grace – Fernhill Heath

“Thank you so much for helping me pass my test! The materials I used were so helpful to allow me to pass my theory test as easily and quickly as possible, the DVD I used provided me with practise quizzes and built my confidence in the mock tests to prepare myself.

The lessons were always constructive and provided support where I needed it but I enjoyed still being able to be independent through making my own decisions. My book encouraged me to set new goals and so I felt reassured going into my practical test. The whole experience was made to be as enjoyable as possible so thank you for being such a patient and friendly instructor. I’m so excited to have passed![First time!].

Mark - Bromsgrove
Mark – Bromsgrove

[Passed first time!] “Glyn is a fantastic teacher who is dedicated and exceptionally knowledgeable. He always finds a way to explain things if you don’t understand it and is very patient if you don’t get it at first. Glyn has helped boost my confidence on the road both in my own ability to drive and make decisions; he also showed me that I was ready for the test even though I was very nervous.

Throughout the time he taught me, we followed a structured curriculum which allowed me to grasp one technique at a time and if I needed extra time on a topic, we would go over it again and again until I got it right.

Glyn’s perseverance and support as well as his friendly nature all helped me to pass by test first time. Thank you Glyn, I couldn’t have done it without you.”

Rose - Martin Hussingtree
Rose – Martin Hussingtree

Passed first time, many thanks Glyn.





Matt - Worcester
Matt – Worcester

[Passed first time!] “Glyn was a very good and professional instructor. I was very nervous coming into this and with the help from Glyn I managed to build up the confidence in myself to drive. He made me feel at ease every time I had a lesson and knew how to explain situations to me so I could understand them.

I think the Driving Skills Workbook is a great resource to use when learning to drive; I found it very helpful. Once I finished my lessons I found myself reading up on the skills that I will be learning in the next lesson so I had some understanding for the next lesson. Especially with the manoeuvres I could constantly read up on them to check that I still remembered what to do. Also taking notes of what I did well and what I wanted to learn in the next lesson was very useful and it helped Glyn understand how I felt the lessons were going and looking at the progress.

I would recommend Glyn to anyone and he’s a good choice if you are feeling unsure and nervous about learning to drive.”

Dermot – Bromsgrove
“Thanks again for your excellent tutoring, which led to me passing driving test first time. It was a pleasure learning from your excellent teaching technique. Thanks again.”

Russell - Droitwich Spa
Russell – Droitwich Spa

“Passed at my first attempt!”




Ben - Hanley Castle
Ben – Hanley Castle

Glyn is an enthusiastic, friendly and well organised driving instructor. My lessons were always planned and well structured which really helped me to learn all of the material in the most efficient way. I found the resources provided by Glyn really useful which is not something you get from most driving instructors!

Glyn is a fantastic driving instructor and I would recommend him to anyone, definitely one of the best around! Thanks again for everything Glyn!”

Shan - Worcester
Shan – Worcester

“Best Driving Instructor, would highly recommend, didn’t think I would pass first time but with Glyn’s help and confidence boost I did. Thank you so much Glyn.”



Jon - Low Habberley, Kidderminster
Jon – Low Habberley, Kidderminster

[Passed at first attempt] “Hi it’s Jon, thought I’d thank you for having me and I appreciate your lessons. I thought the structure of the course was well planned out to progress from one skill to another easily and smoothly and it helped that you knew beforehand what you were doing too.

You seemed to believe in me the whole time which was a great boost to my confidence and you surprised me by making me capable of driving a car by myself within 30 hours of teaching. It was very much worth my time so again, thank you for all your help!”


Max - Elmbridge
Max – Elmbridge

“Glyn’s teaching is thorough and his methods are instructive. Glyn has expert knowledge and communicates this clearly during lessons. I had used another driving instructor previously and I found that Glyn was more positive; under his guidance I was able to make greater progress and my driving improved considerably.”


Anna - Blackwell
Anna – Blackwell

“Doing the 2 week Test Booster course with Glyn was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. His calm and encouraging presence helped to dramatically boost my confidence in driving after an unsuccessful first attempt at the test last year [with another Instructor].

The training was thorough and professional, and Glyn’s lovely personality helped to keep a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, resulting in a successful test result after only 2 weeks. I would highly recommend Glyn to other future drivers, and look forward to seeing him again when my younger brothers start lessons!”


Oliver - Kidderminster
Oliver – Kidderminster

“I was very happy to have found Glyn. He guided me through a semi-intensive driving course lasting about two weeks and I passed first time!

Right from the beginning he was calm, helpful and friendly. We worked through a number of four hour driving sessions, which Glyn broke into concise, informative lessons, guided by the helpful LDC Driving Skills Workbook. I always felt like I was learning a lot and Glyn was always checking that I was comfortable with the pace of lesson. We would cover a number of driving topics in each session, guided by Glyn but with my full input.

Often I would ask to consolidate a certain manoeuvre or road skill and Glyn would happily adjust the lesson plan to help with my weaker areas of driving.

Glyn has a fantastic knowledge of the Worcester, Droitwich and surrounding area, which really helped to give me a diverse experience of the road, we were always tackling new road types and junctions. Glyn did not train me on specific test routes but gave me a wide understanding of driving, so when on test I felt confident to safely deal with any road situation that presented itself.

I would highly recommend Glyn to anyone looking for an instructor in the area.”

Brittany - Worcester
Brittany – Worcester

“I thoroughly enjoyed learning to drive with Glyn because he was very laid back and I felt very relaxed in the car with him. Whenever I made a mistake he would never get angry with me and we would just both laugh it off.

I liked how the structure of the driving course worked; I liked writing in the Driving Skills Workbook, reflecting on my lessons because it made me learn faster. I would definitely recommend learning to drive with Glyn.”

James – Droitwich Spa

“If you’re looking for a patient, calm and friendly driving instructor with a good sense of humour Glyn is the man for you. After a string of less than capable instructors I found Glyn’s website and booked a consultation, you should do the same!”


Tom - Fernhill Heath
Tom – Fernhill Heath

“I just wanted to say thank you Glyn. I did the 1 week intensive course which was very full-on but with Glyn’s fantastic patience and ability I was able to pass my test first time! I would recommend Glyn to anyone as he changes his teaching style to one which suits the student. Just one more massive thank you Glyn!”


Vikky - Droitwich Spa
Vikky – Droitwich Spa

“Glyn has always been patient with me whilst teaching me to drive; I didn’t always get things the first time and the learning process took a while.

Glyn was always supportive and professional, whilst pushing me to progress in the lessons. Reviewing progress after each lesson and planning the next always helped me to know where I was up to with learning, and set out clear goals for the process.

Glyn has taught me how to drive properly – not just for my test. Where other instructors might let bad habits slide, Glyn will pick them up so you can work on them. I now feel I have been provided the best start to safe driving, thanks to Glyn.”

James - Droitwich Spa
James – Droitwich Spa

“I benefited greatly from Glyn’s teaching, which was extremely thorough. He is very patient and explains everything in a clear manner. I now feel fully prepared for independent driving.”



Samantha - Warndon
Samantha – Warndon

“I was recommended to Glyn by my cousin who passed first time. Then I decided to do an intensive course in order to gain my drivers license during university.

I found this course very intensive (as the name suggests) to begin with, as I drove for two hours everyday, however Glyn and I decided that we should reduce the time and spread the hours out more, Glyn was very accommodative of this.

I also decided that I wanted to be insured on my dads car to build my time on the road up, Glyn helped by sitting in the car and advising him what to say, which was very informative.

I began learning in the summer but had to have a break until Christmas as I was away at uni, and this somehow gave me much more confidence in driving.

I passed first time thanks to Glyn’s supportive role as my driving instructor. Many thanks!”

Charlie - Clent
Charlie – Clent

“Glyn has provided me with a first class and thorough start to driving. You could not hope to find a calmer and patient instructor whose attention to detail is second to none. He always makes the driving varied and likes to perfect the small details which are vital to passing your test. Thank you Glyn.”



Sabina - St.John's, Worcester
Sabina – St.John’s, Worcester

“I am happy I have found Glyn to teach me and give me confidence to drive on my own. After trying other schools I needed to turn to him to do the proper job.

His calm professionalism is unbeatable. With other instructor I dreaded the days I had lessons. Since I have taken lessons with Glyn I enjoyed them and looked forward to the following one.

He took me through all the situations I have had most difficulty dealing with and I am happy to say I now can manage them all. I will recommend him to anyone I know, Glyn is THE instructor. Thank you very much Glyn.”

Brian - Worcester“Glyn is a superb driving instructor. At every stage he has given me great advice and was very easy to communicate with. Each lesson was well structured and carefully planned. I personally did one and a half hour lessons, either once or twice a week. This worked perfectly for me to fit in with my home and work life.

I was very impressed with the LDC Driving Skills Workbook that I purchased. It was easy to understand from start to finish. It definitely helped me to learn what I needed to know before I practiced and perfected each skill. With every lesson with Glyn I could feel a progression and subsequently I passed first time.

If you are looking for a experienced driving instructor for your son, daughter or yourself. Make Glyn your first choice.”

Ben - Wychbold
Ben – Wychbold

“I was from out of the area and so pleased to have found Glyn. After a few lessons with his familiarity of driving, the test route was not an issue, I felt confident to drive anywhere. This man is the Guru of driving!”



Rooney - Worcester
Rooney – Worcester

“After only a few lessons with Glyn my attitude towards driving and my confidence changed for the better. Many instructors can teach you how to pass your test but only a few can teach you how to drive, if you want the Jedi master of driving Glyn is your man, I would recommend Glyn to any one of any age who wants to learn to be a safe and confident driver.”

James - Broome, Stourbridge
James – Broome, Stourbridge

“Thanks very much Glyn. Your very structured system helped me pass first time with only one minor. The LDC Driving Skills Work book really helped me understand the different components of driving so it made it easy in practise. I would definitely recommend Glyn to anyone that wants to learn to drive!”


Harley - Tenbury Wells
Harley – Tenbury Wells

“Glyn Williams is a great driving instructor, he takes time to put you at ease whether its’ your first lesson or the one before your test. He is a cool, calm, collected man which is very useful if you’re nervous when you get in a car.

I have had previous instructors who have been quite up-tight and stressful which made the whole experience unpleasant and made it quite difficult to concentrate while you’re in a car, however Glyn puts you at ease even before you’re in a car – if I could go back to my first lesson I would be 100% guaranteed to go with him. If I had done so, I would have  passed a long time ago.

I have a lot of respect for this man, he was always patient and flexible around my needs he is a great man but an even greater instructor.”


Declan - Warndon
Declan – Warndon

Passed with zero driving faults thanks to the great instructor that is Glyn Williams. Glyn is unbelievably calm and very encouraging, which is just what you need to make you feel confident when out driving! Definitely choose Glyn and LDC!”



Sophie - Hagley
Sophie – Hagley

“I was very determined to drive as soon as I turned 17. Although Glyn knew that, he taught me that I had to be patient in order to be a good and safe driver.

I took the intensive course, and completed all my lessons in one month and passed a month after my birthday at my first attempt.

Sophie - and the 'gang'!
Sophie – and the ‘gang’!

Glyn was very encouraging and calming, which made me feel a lot more confident and comfortable on the road. The methods he used were perfect for me and I am so grateful for how much he has taught me.

Glyn is an excellent driving instructor and I have recommended him to many other people. Glyn taught me not to worry about mistakes I made in the past, but to learn from them and improve on them in the present and the future.”

John - Evesham
John – Evesham

“Passed at first attempt!”





Ben - Droitwich
Ben – Droitwich

“Passed at first attempt with just one driving fault.”




Mike - Worcester
Mike – Worcester

“Personally I never really wanted to learn to drive; it always seemed like an impossible skill to master, until I met Glyn. His passion for driving rubs off on you. I now enjoy driving and enjoyed learning thanks to Glyn’s brilliant way of teaching. He’s methodical, understanding, his tips are fantastic and of course he’s patient.

When you are taught by Glyn you’ll surpass the driving ability which is required for your test, so when you take your test you know you can be confident! The LDC Materials (Driving Skills Workbook and DVD) are a worthy investment. If you are ever in doubt you can have a read in your workbook or if it’s something a bit more complicated like manoeuvres then you can use the DVD. Also if you do some revision before your next lesson then it will mean more time on the road! Passed at my first attempt!

Lien - Rushock
Lien – Rushock

“Glyn was calm and encouraging, and knew exactly what he was doing, which made me feel comfortable on the road. I was really impressed with his teaching, and have already recommended him to a number of people.

Glyn’s methodical teaching style has made me feel super confident when I drive on my own, which I am really pleased about. To top it all off I passed first time. Thank you Glyn.”

Anca - Bromsgrove
Anca – Bromsgrove

“I would highly recommend Glyn to anyone as a driving instructor. He is a fantastic teacher with a lot of experience and helpful tips, a very supportive and patient man. Before my driving with Glyn, I took lessons with 2 instructors but I felt I was not getting anywhere because there was no progress in my driving.

I contacted Glyn and booked an intensive course – which I highly recommend to those who wish to pass the test faster. In less than one month I passed the test. Thank you Glyn for all your help.”

Ben - Bromsgrove
Ben – Bromsgrove

“A big thanks to Glyn for guiding me through my driving test. His calm yet fun personality made learning to drive a lot easier and really helped with my nerves. I thought I would never pass but Glyn got rid of the doubt and showed me I could conquer my nerves. Thank you Glyn, if any of my friends or family need to learn to drive I will be sending them your way.”



Matt - Worcester
Matt – Worcester

“Very impressed with the way Glyn teaches, very friendly and notices everything! I passed first time! I would recommend Glyn for driving lessons to anybody that ever asks me in the future! Thank you Glyn!”


John - Himbleton
John – Himbleton

“Learning to drive with Glyn was undoubtedly a brilliant choice for learning to drive. Glyn would say that “yes we are in a little red fire truck, but we’re not racing to a fire”. Being a racy young lad, Glyn taught me to slow down and yet get there quicker, especially at roundabouts. Glyn never stopped saying “give it the beans” or “make hay while the sun shines”, thus not getting to drive with excessive speed but to crack on with it.

His wisdom from years on the road, undoubtedly accelerated my learning and developed me as a driver so that I was not only able to pass the driving test at first attempt!, but also to be a good driver. Thanks for persisting with me!”

Kate - Worcester
Kate – Worcester

“Driving wasn’t something that came quickly or easily to me, like a lot of people I know. Learning with Glyn gave me the confidence to take my test, and Glyn’s patience and positive attitude stuck throughout until I finally passed! I found learning with Glyn easy and suited to what I needed to do. Glyn kept lessons flexible and structured when they needed to be and I do not think I could’ve passed my test with out him.”

Dominic - Shelsley Beauchamp
Dominic – Shelsley Beauchamp

“I felt that the course was well laid out and focused on the main aspects well. As for the progression of the course I felt that it fitted in with my growing abilities as a driver and that there was never a massive jump up in the manoeuvres, I was never rushed into doing anything that I wasn’t fully confident in doing.

As an instructor Glyn is a perfectionist, he’d never let me slack in my driving and would pick up on the smallest of details and this helped with my progression as well.”


Harry - Droitwich Spa
Harry – Droitwich Spa

“Despite being a little reluctant to start driving, Glyn’s friendly and enthusiastic manner ensured that I overcame my cynicism and enjoyed driving. He is patient and easy going; just the right approach, in my opinion. I was particularly impressed with Glyn’s punctuality; he has never arrived late at the start of a lesson and is often early.

The lessons themselves are of a good length, allowing you to cover a number of skills and ensuring that they are practiced effectively. New topics were introduced thoroughly and clearly, and extra information regarding the mechanics of the car helped to better understand driving.

My confidence in driving has improved significantly thanks to driving with Glyn, and I recommend him wholeheartedly.”

Mike - Malvern
Mike – Malvern

“I am very pleased with the outcome of the driving experience. Glyn takes everything in consideration since I drove in the U.S., and is very patient. Glyn makes you feel confident about driving and will help you with everything and any weaknesses that you might have and help you to improve them. Overall Glyn is a great instructor and I would recommend him to anyone that is learning to drive. Thanks for the great experience”.

Andre - Bromsgrove
Andre – Bromsgrove

“Glyn is a well mannered, highly intelligent, very patient gent who is 100% focused on his job and getting his students safely on the road; he talks driving and you do driving!

Even though I had driven before many years ago I found following the LDC driving skills course very thorough and clear to understand and with Glyn’s help and guidance you can’t go wrong – I passed my first test with Glyn.

You don’t stick to a set course of action either. Of course you’ll cover all you need to learn but if you’re feeling uncomfortable or weak in certain areas you can focus on those points more rather than keep repeating things you are comfortable with. He lets you choose what you want to do in your lessons until you’re comfortable and happy with your own progress so you don’t feel so stressed.

Thanks for helping get me safely on the road Glyn; I would highly recommend you as a master of instructors!”

Alex - Barnt Green
Alex – Barnt Green

“The perfect mentor, Glyn combines a friendly atmosphere with a very well structured course, leaving you as the driver in no doubt as to the course of action to take through both improved confidence and skill.

One thing to take away from his lessons is that you never stop learning to drive, and you only skim the surface of Glyn’s deep wisdom and experience. Passed my 1st attempt!

Steph - Hagley
Steph – Hagley

“Glyn is the perfect instructor to learn to drive with, his calm, humorous and intelligent manner suited my personality perfectly. His skilled guidance and persistence helped me to learn to drive in 18 lessons, and I now feel I am a confident, informed and progressed driver.

The LDC system really helped me to analyse the situations thoroughly, it enabled me to reflect on the lessons and also aided my theory and questions I was unsure about.

Glyn is the model driving instructor, and I would recommend him to all the people I know who want to learn to drive. Thank you Glyn for your time, your kindness, your good sense of humour and passing on your perfect driving skills. Give it the beans!”

Chris - Droitwich Spa
Chris – Droitwich Spa

“I was a nervous student and I struggled with test pressure but Glyn was excellent at helping me through that. He is very good at understanding his students I think, and he is very patient which is what I needed. I have a technical job and as such I’m the sort of person who likes to understand the mechanics and theory behind everything.

I have had instructors in the past who would tell me “do it this way because that’s how its done”. Glyn is very knowledgeable and was able to explain everything to me which helped me understand how to drive the car such that the mechanics of driving became second nature.

The LDC driving skills material helped me understand the concepts and rules of the road before getting in the car, and again Glyn was good at explaining situations to me so I could learn and build experience not for the test but for driving on the road in the future. I think that was quite important, I learnt how to drive, and I feel confident and safe.”


Gavin - Droitwich Spa
Gavin – Droitwich Spa

“I was really surprised that I passed on my first attempt!




Kat - Droitwich Spa
Kat – Droitwich Spa

“Learning to drive with Glyn was a steady and enjoyable experience, the lessons were always structured to suit both my strengths and weaknesses. He was always very patient with me which must have been hard at times but it helped to know he wouldn’t let me give up. I learnt a lot of things that have stayed with me since passing my test and am grateful for all the time he spent with me. Thanks Glyn!”


Chris - Worcester
Chris – Worcester

“I felt that Glyn created a calm environment throughout the driving lessons, and with the books step by step guide, helped thoroughly explain the key points to what is needed not only to pass the test but to become a good driver in the long run.

The LDC book was a great addition to the lessons as it helped structure the lessons and create talking points, minimising time so I could get driving asap.

Glyn’s perception and experience helped me to feel safe and motivated during lessons, and his understanding of a learner drivers situation helped to ensure progress was made consistently when I stepped into the driving seat. Glyn is not only a driving instructor, he delegated and helped me initiate and look for the right answer to problems when they occurred enabling me to advance my driving ability further, stepping-in only in situations which required his immediate input.

Without Glyn’s supervision, safety, knowledge and understanding I feel it would have taken me a lot longer to become what I am now… A fully fledged safe driver and passed at my first attempt! Cheers Glyn!”

Praj - Warndon
Praj – Warndon

“I passed my test in India and needed to take the UK driving test – that’s when I realised I had not ‘learnt to drive’ actually! Glyn soon sorted that out and I ‘learnt to drive’ resulting in my first attempt to pass the UK test. Many thanks Glyn.”


Kath - Kempsey
Kath – Kempsey

“Thank you so much for all your help, support and encouragement. I never thought I would pass my test, let alone 1st time as I struggle so much with self-confidence but you managed to make me believe in myself. I can’t thank you enough. Kath.”


Billy - Droitwich Spa
Billy – Droitwich Spa

“As someone who has never driven before, the thought of learning to drive was very daunting. Any worries I had disappeared the moment I met Glyn to organise a lesson package suitable to me around my erratic work schedule.

Throughout my lessons I found Glyn’s polite and calming attitude very reassuring. Glyn’s relaxed and structured teaching style meant that I was driving on the roads confidently within no time at all. I found the LDC DVD and book to be really helpful in the early stages of the lessons as it meant by the time I was in the car for my lesson I already had an understanding of what I was going to be doing, it also enabled me to reflect on what I had learnt. Glyn’s experience and coaching skills combined with the LDC structure has turned me into a confident, aware and qualified driver.”

Bruce - Pershore
Bruce – Pershore

“I was really pleased with the tuition I had from Glyn – relaxed, humorous, but at the same time always pushing me to do better and improve the things I was not so confident at. The LDC book and DVD were a big help in the early stages when trying to master things like roundabouts. Both Glyn and the LDC materials helped me pass first time.

Josh - Droitwich Spa
Josh – Droitwich Spa

“I recently utilised the LDC driving course under Glyn Williams as it appealed to me more than using a generic driving scheme. There is little time pressure with no rush to complete tasks and no set amount of time before tests, that’s’ purely down to you putting you under no added pressure.

LDC’s biggest strength and ultimately the reason why I chose LDC is it’s structure, ensuring all road skills and manoeuvres are covered physically in a complementary order to a required level, as well as being understood mentally with the aid of the LDC driving skills manual. I found this a vital feature of the course as it prevented me from potentially being a hazard to others relieving me of a fair amount of stress.

When I had my first session, like many others, I was nervous as I had never driven on the road with others before. Nervous was an understatement, but nevertheless I was safe, the scheme ensure highly skilled and experienced instructors like Glyn Williams are employed, teaching and helping you every step of the way prepared to intervene at any point deemed necessary.

Soon as my confidence grew and with Glyn’s patience and help I began to grasp the skills I required to become a safe driver. In a relatively short space of time I had covered the course material and had passed my theory so began honing my skills in preparation for the dreaded driving test! Which, being assured by Glyn, I would not have been entered into if he did not believe I could pass.

Glyn arrived on that day to pick me up to ensure I had some last minute driving and to run through the ‘show me tell me’ questions to calm my nerves and focus me. Though the nerves soon returned as my examiner entered the car, the skills Glyn helped me to acquire stuck enabling me to pass first attempt!

I stand by my choice with the LDC course and Glyn as the logical choice, they enabled me to succeed and Glyn continued to teach and support me throughout which I know is not always the easiest of tasks.”

Emma - Harvington
Emma – Harvington

“I am glad I chose LDC to learn with; my brother and I have both been through the system and I really liked it. Glyn’s patience and expert guidance, along with his good sense of humour led me through the process. I thoroughly enjoyed our lessons and now feel confident on the road by myself.

The DVDs and workbook that come alongside the lessons were also very useful in helping with both my theory and practical skills. I would highly recommend Glyn and the LDC system to anyone wanting to learn to drive. I look forward to returning to LDC to complete my Pass Plus.”

Johnny - Chaddesley Corbett
Johnny – Chaddesley Corbett

“Before starting with Glyn, I had only ever driven a car once and the progress that has been made with him in a relatively short space of time is incredible. The LDC system that Glyn uses is very good and has a good lesson by lesson plan via book or DVD to let you know what is coming up in the lesson. Glyn makes you a very confident driver and is very good at helping you correct mistakes that you make in your driving. I would highly recommend using Glyn as a driving instructor.” Passed 1st attempt!

George - Shrawley
George – Shrawley

“I really enjoyed the LDC driving course. Glyn is a meticulous teacher with a wealth of experience. Using the driving skills workbook enabled me to prepare before lessons and made best use of my driving time. I would definitely recommend Glyn”


Maxime - Barnt Green
Maxime – Barnt Green

“Pedantic and demanding… but a perfectionist is how I would describe Glyn Williams. Having already had a few driving lessons with a previous instructor, I was booked onto a Mid-Way Pass course, where I had nine two hour lessons with Glyn before taking the practical driving test.

During these lessons I was taught how to become a good, and more importantly, a safe driver, and this has set me up for driving on the road in the future.

What I liked about the course was the way in which it was structured: key elements such as the manoeuvres, driving on dual carriageways and emergency stops were addressed during different lessons, and I was also provided with an accompanying CD for my laptop, which reinforced what Glyn taught me, and which was especially useful when preparing for the Theory exam.

Another bonus for me was the flexibility of Glyn’s schedule, and therefore how it was easy for me to book lessons every week at convenient times in the run up to the practical exam, which he also booked for me. Going into the practical driving test I felt prepared, and my  first time pass itself is evidence of Glyn’s teaching ability.”

Jordan - Ladywood, Droitwich Spa
Jordan – Ladywood, Droitwich Spa

“Learning to drive with Glyn was a very quick and enjoyable process. The LD System was very helpful and effective because you already knew what to do before actually doing it in the car due to the book. Glyn is very patient and willing to help in any way he can. He taught me from the start up to taking my test which I passed first time. Thank you for teaching me Glyn. I enjoyed it more than I expected!

Ben - St. John's, Worcester
Ben – St. John’s, Worcester

“Before starting my lessons with LDC I was a complete novice with no previous driving experience. From day one Glyn put me at ease, and before I knew it, I was driving quite confidently on the roads. I really recommend Glyn’s tuition, as even when I found it difficult he was very reassuring and his knowledge and experience set me straight. He has a lot of patience, especially when I was struggling with a few manoeuvres and encouraged me to be a better driver. If you are looking for an instructor in the Worcester or Droitwich area, then look no further! Thanks Glyn!”

James - Droitwich Spa
James – Droitwich Spa

“I had three driving instructors before I met Glyn and wish I’d met him first! Glyn assessed my abilities before advising me on the number of lessons needed and he got it spot on – passed my test this morning! His LD System of learning to drive was superb and he was patient and really skilled at getting me driving safely and confidently. If you want to learn to drive, call Glyn!”

Mike - Droitwich Spa
Mike – Droitwich Spa

“I thoroughly enjoyed my driving experience with Glyn and I would recommend his services to anyone wanting to learn. I found Glyn to be a patient and encouraging instructor who promotes progressive but safe driving. I was a complete novice when I initially started my lessons with Glyn but he has helped to transform me into a confident and safe driver.”

Rebecca - Caerphilly
Rebecca – Caerphilly

“I had previously had some driving lessons in Cardiff with another LDC instructor, but transferred to Glyn (LDC Worcester) shortly after I started at Worcester University. This meant that I had to get used to a different instructor and a different car, but Glyn helped make this a smooth transition.

Glyn has always maintained a friendly but professional and precise manner allowing me to grow in confidence lesson by lesson. Glyn has also been very adaptable, allowing me to easily fit driving lessons around my lectures and always takes time to discuss situations that have arisen during the lesson.”

Luke - Droitwich Spa
Luke – Droitwich Spa

“I passed my driving test previously but had to do a retest. I learnt more from Glyn in the lessons leading up to my first attempt to pass (again!). Thanks Glyn.”





Anna - Droitwich Spa
Anna – Droitwich Spa

“Thank you so very much for all your help, support and patience Glyn, I’m chuffed to bits. I took the semi-intensive, LDC driving course which itself is very comprehensive and well structured, however, without Glyn’s knowledge, experience and patience I feel it would have been a lot more difficult.

On a couple of occasions (usually during manoeuvres) I found myself getting very upset and flustered when things weren’t going ‘right’ and Glyn was very supportive and patient with me.

Each lesson was carefully thought about & planned and I felt that Glyn personalised the lessons to meet my needs and ultimately pass my driving test. I am hoping to take my Pass Plus with Glyn very soon and I recommend Glyn to anyone who wants to learn to drive.
Thank you. Anna”

Darren - Worcester
Darren – Worcester

“I did the 1 Week Pass Course with Glyn which was well planned in advance. The Driving Skills Workbook and DVD’s were really great to help me prepare – result! –  first  attempt passed! Glyn is really knowledgeable and brilliant at passing that on. Thanks Glyn and I have already referred you to a mate.”

Tom & Dan - Redditch
Tom & Dan – Redditch

“We are really glad we chose the LDC System, found the DVDs and books easy to follow. Glyn was very patient with us and helped us build our confidence. He was also very prompt and reliable.”



Kelly - Hanley Swan
Kelly – Hanley Swan

“LDC is a great company because the resources they give you: LDC Driving Skills DVD, Driving Skills Workbook, Theory Test Complete DVD and workbook and Hazard Perception Test Extra. All these resources help and get you prepared in advance whether it being your theory test or your practical test.

Glyn taught me. He was very good at his job and helped me pass my theory when I was having  driving lessons he would  test me on signs so I would remember them. When I went on to do my practical test Glyn easily identified my faults and sorted my mistakes out, gave me great confidence to do forward planning and put me at ease. He supplies plenty of information so you understand all areas of driving. Thanks to Glyn, I have now passed my test.”

Melissa - Broadway
Melissa – Broadway

“From day one, Glyn took me under his wing and gave me confidence to believe in myself. I conquered my doubts and fears, and my nervousness of a test situation with Glyn’s quiet and confident instruction backed up by a solid theory instruction.

I would recommend him as a wonderful instructor if you are finding driving is not as straight-forward as you thought. My advice is, don’t give up, give Glyn a try, well worth it! I am now a confident and competent driver who feels that having passed my driving test I can conquer the world!
Thank you Glyn!”

Charlie - Clent
Charlie – Clent

“I really enjoyed my experience with Glyn on the LDC course. I felt the system was very beneficial with the book and DVD being great help, especially in the early stages of learning to drive. It gave me more confidence with my driving because I felt I already knew the basic controls and was aware of other aspects of driving before even getting in the car.

From there, I was already at a head start from the book, and lesson by lesson we covered the topics I had looked through before the lesson so that I wasn’t completely unaware of what to expect and it also meant the stages of learning to drive were broken up into different sections, rather than trying to learn everything at once.

It was a very enjoyable and beneficial experience which has made me a much more confident driver now I’ve passed my test.”

Sarah - Bromsgrove
Sarah – Bromsgrove

“I have found it very difficult to learn to drive as my nature is somewhat scatty at best, but Glyn has got me through my test. He provides friendly, structured and enjoyable lessons.

However, he is a perfectionist and expects the best from his pupils; not that he expects perfection. This is not a bad quality in my opinion as it makes accomplished, confident and above all safe drivers. I know it is a well used cliché but if I can pass my test anybody can pass, believe me!

Glyn is the man for the job. Thank you so much for your time, patience and resilience with learners like me. The best driving instructor you could hope for, with a great sense of humour.
Kind regards, Sarah xxxx”

Chris - Droitwich Spa
Chris – Droitwich Spa

“Just passed my test – 1st attempt! I started learning to drive with Glyn last June and despite having an equal hate and fear of the first few lessons, Glyn’s competent and calm approach to teaching helped me to slowly progress and lose my dread of going out on the road.

Glyn is a very good driver and an even better teacher and although at times I got very frustrated he was continually calm and reassuring all the way through my lessons. I would recommend Glyn to anyone as a driving instructor as no matter how badly you do he will never give up on you.

Another thing I would recommend is the LDC Book and DVD’s which have been a great help to me throughout my driving course.”

Megan - Redditch
Megan – Redditch

“The LD System, Workbook & DVD’s were really good. My first instructor wasn’t very reliable and I lacked confidence – but then I started with Glyn. The lessons then became really good and I learnt much more quickly. I was amazed when I  passed my first test!
Thanks Glyn!”


Gabor - Droitwich Spa
Gabor – Droitwich Spa

“I am happy that I chose Glyn. He was great and patient driving instructor. The lessons were always planned and we were driving in all hours not just sitting in the car and speaking for a long. He picked me every times without problems. He was very friendly, I would recommend him to anyone else who want to drive. And also the LDC system book and DVDs were very helpful for me. It is a good planned system and easy to learn from it. Thanks Glyn!”

Tom - Harvington
Tom – Harvington

“Glyn was a great driving instructor, he was prompt and was happy to pick me up wherever I asked for. I would strongly recommend Glyn as an instructor – he will teach you to drive in an accurate and precise way which will prepare you superbly for your test and for driving all through your life! Thanks Glyn!”

Nadine - Worcester
Nadine – Worcester

“I have recently passed my driving test with Glyn, I had been on and off learning to drive for the past 4 years, having over 3 different instructors. When I started with Glyn his method of teaching was so consistent it convinced me to stick with him as my driving instructor, and shortly after passed my first test with only 2 minors, and now I’m planning on getting my first car. Thanks Glyn”

Mark - Droitwich Spa
Mark – Droitwich Spa

“From the first lesson Glyn was extremely patient and I found him very easy to talk to and to get along with. At the start of each lesson he explained what we were going to cover that session, and his lessons were always well prepared. He was very flexible, and if I was struggling at any time in a lesson, then Glyn was able to re-arrange the schedule accordingly. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him to anyone wanting to learn to drive. Thanks Glyn for all your  help.”

Steven - Kidderminster
Steven – Kidderminster

“Glyn was very patient at all times and allowed me to fix my own mistakes and never gave up helping me pass my test. Glyn was reliable and always pleasant to learn from.”





Dmitrij - Droitwich Spa
Dmitrij – Droitwich Spa

“Just as not every native speaker can make a good teacher of his/her mother tongue, so not every highly skilled driver can make a good driving instructor.

Obviously, teaching is a very complex process, especially if you deal with people of different ages, backgrounds and capabilities. Beyond any doubt, Glyn is an excellent instructor with excellent teaching abilities. His lessons are always well planned and structured.

He is very friendly, enthusiastic and conscientious person, who is always concerned about learners progress. Patience is another very important quality of Glyn. I would definitely recommend him to anyone else who wants to learn to drive.”

Ben - Droitwich Spa
Ben – Droitwich Spa

“First appearance is always important, and with Glyn it was very good, smart and also friendly to talk to. The planning of the first lesson and the subsequent lessons were very well organised. He gave very detailed information about himself, the company and how lessons would pan out up until the exam. During the lessons, Glyn works with you.

When he takes you out for the first time, he quickly assesses if you are a slower learner and guides you through; on the other hand if he sees that you learn quickly he will push for the two hours for each lesson. At the start of each lesson he goes through what you will do and makes sure you understand all before you set off.

Glyn also does mock exams which gets you in the mind set and this also knocks the nerves out of your system for the exam day. Overall Glyn is very easy to get on with, guides you through each process and never gets angry or impatient. I was very pleased with him as my instructor.”

[Parents footnote]: “From a parents perspective, it has been quite obvious that Glyn immediately strikes a chord with the Learner. We had enormous confidence in his ability to teach our son – which was proved by his  passing first time!

Katy - Malvern
Katy – Malvern

“Thank you very much for all your support and encouragement, I am so pleased I passed! Glyn is an excellent instructor who tailors the lesson to the individual; giving you confidence and encouragement to successfully pass your test. I will ring the lady tomorrow about pass plus seminars, will let you know what she says.”